quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2012

Let's put a end on ACTA

If wasn't enough another country started a new law which may damage internet and their users.
Think about it, internet is a service which is being paid by several users around the world and if was enough selfish and corrupt politics wishes to take over the internet with the excuse of taking down on-line piracy.
Think about how many you or your family had payed for the usage of internet, now imagine how that investiment may lost if a law like that is passed?
I understand that several companies wishes to have their rights reserved, however voting in a law which may damage internet is completelly uncalled for.
If such a law is passed, then there'll be retalation:
Nobody may buy any media product, watch move, buy new mangás, new games or alikes.
Frankly, if everything which we do is illegal like making a video about an anime and showing our support, then it means the media don't need us.
However, as the media don't need us, we DON'T NEED THEM ANYMORE.
Let's sign that petition and have our freedom and privacy assured:

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