sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

For YouTube Staff

Dear, YouTube Staff.
I understand that I was wrong about uploading these videos from Combattler V.
During the time which I had uploaded them, I had no idea that Toei Animation have not allowed their reproduction in YouTube channels.
I was completely caught by surprise when these videos suffered copyright strikes, however, I do not mind having them removed.
I wish you guys to give me another chance for my account, because I have a job and by having one, I'm not always avaiable to check the content of my videos.
Due to that, I could not have find the last video of Combattler V which resulted in my 2nd copyright strike.
If possible, I would like to have at least that copyright strike removed.
If I had the chance, then I would remove that video to avoid any type of problem, but as I said before: I have a job and that I must give more value than my youtube account.
I cannot just stop my job just to ask somebody from the work to use a computer to check my videos, please understand.
For the 3rd copyright strike, I'm deeply disappointed with Toei Animation.
Frankly, they even started to do copyright strikes in minor clips of their shows.
Regardless if they're fighting for their copyright, doing copyright strikes against intros and endings is too harsh.
I never saw in any news site that Toei Animation was even doing copyright strikes against these videos which just had minor clips of their shows for demonstrative purposes, that caught me completely of surprise.
These minor clips were used as a minor complement of my videos to give a special feeling on them and without any intention of hurting Toei Animation feelings toward their shows.
The main part of the video is related to a project completely unrelated with Toei and they do not have copyright over the M.U.G.E.N engine which was created by Elecbyte as a configurable fighting game which hobbists could do their own characters, stages and add-ons.
I do not want to keep uploading these videos with minor clips of Toei Animation shows if they don't tolerate any type of  minor clips submitted in youtube.
I just need my account back, because I have several videos which I do not have the originals anymore.
They're videos of my previous projects which I still don't got the chance to make a doc file with all the change logs featured on my video projects.
Please give me another chance.

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